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Who Gets Two??

It’s the season of birthday celebrations in the Elliott household.  We’ve moved from Sammy’s big day (which, we’ve now decided, will include a cake each year saying Happy Birthday to Jason) to Zach’s.  Today is actually the in-between day of Zach’s two birthdays.

Huh?  Yep – he’s got two.  Not really, of course, but we’ll never actually agree with letting him have only the one he really wants right now.  Confusing?  To us, too. 

You see, Zach was born (not quite) 10 years ago on August 3rd.  I remember it well.  I was there.  So was Pete, as were my doctors and nurses.  And after the blessed event, we checked all his fingers and toes and signed all the paperwork to attest to his birth and get the official documents we needed for him like his birth certificate and social security card.  We checked names for spelling errors, addresses for zip code mistakes, and confirmed his birth date and time. 

Apparently the Marion County Health Department decided not to be as careful as we were. 

Of course, we didn’t check the details – like date of birth – on the birth certificate when we received it in the mail (bad us).  We dutifully filed it away in our fireproof filing cabinet awaiting the day we needed to retrieve it to register Zach for kindergarten.

That day came now a little over five years ago when he was just shy of his 5th birthday and was following his big brother Ben’s footsteps in the academic realm, already reading and doing basic math.  He was so ready – academically – to go to school, we decided to take the steps necessary to get him tested to be allowed into kindergarten that fall.  The official cut-off date for kindergarten enrollment that year was August 1st.  We figured, just being a couple days off that mark, Zach would be ok – and was certainly anxious to get there.

So, we pulled out the information we needed to take to the school administration folks to request testing … and discovered that Marion County had recorded his birth date as August 1st. 

I immediately called the administration office and tried to explain our situation – and that we had every intention of getting the birth certificate corrected (which we’d already discovered was going to be a terrible mess of red tape and take longer than my pregnancy did in the first place).  The woman I spoke to was not terribly helpful and, in fact, truly ticked me off.  After hearing “Ma’am.  I told you.  The only proof of age we accept is the official birth certificate from the state” for the final time, I said “Fine.  We’re enrolling him.” 

I hate being called “ma’am.”

So we started down the long path of having all Zach’s school records reflect his birthday as August 1st.  We tried to explain it to him then, but he didn’t quite get it.  He has for a few years now – and relished in it the first year when he realized he had TWO birthdays … and wanted cake and presents on both.  He’s now decided he is ok with just one – but wants it to be the earlier day.  I guess we’ve actually somewhat given in. 

He awoke yesterday to choruses of “Happy almost but not quite really Birthday to You!”  He wasn’t nearly as amused as we were… 

One comment on “Who Gets Two??

  1. Karla, beieve me when I say, by the time he’s my age, he won’t even want one.

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