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Sam By Any Other Name …

So … last Saturday morning, I was up early and out to the farmer’s market to pick up some goodies for our birthday celebration with Sammy.  He picked up on the fact that Friday was the big day pretty quickly and when Pete picked him up he started asking about his birthday balloons, presents, and […]

Happy Birthday Sammy!!!

Happy Birthday!  Today our beautiful little Sammy turns five!  We’ll be celebrating the big day tomorrow, actually, so some of our out of town family can come join the festivities. As I sat thinking about this last night, I started thinking about how bittersweet of a day it is. Why bittersweet?  Well … we have […]

Am I?

When I first started putting words to paper (well, screen) and decided to share my thoughts and experiences with anyone who’d be kind enough to read them, I had a dear friend ask me if I found the writing to be cathartic.  Just this week, I had another dear friend send me a note that said […]

Freedom from…

What a wonderful holiday, Independence Day!  It gives us, as parents, the opportunity to teach an awful lot to our kids without them even realizing they’re learning. There’s history, government, politics, geography, not to mention a little bit of science in all those pyrotechnics. And when asked to sum it all up in one word, […]