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Little Things

It’s been a pretty tough summer, for so many reasons.  And I’m sitting here tonight hearing the deepest belly laughs from Sam sitting in front of the TV watching old “Tom & Jerry” cartoons on disc.  Now, no judging on the TV watching.  You know  y’all do it from time to time … and when I’m trying to steal 15 minutes to get back to my failed-miserably-resolution of blogging more, I’m going to let a few episodes entertain.

I’ve been trying to get that gumption back and be inspired to write – about anything.  And I’ve fallen into the trap of having so much to do that the things you really NEED to do – just for yourself, for your own sanity – get pushed aside in favor of ball games and work and laundry and … well, you know – the list can go on forever.  But I started thinking last night that I really need to get back to this. Even if it really is just for me, and if I’m only recording little bits
and pieces of things that happen on this long road.  And then Sam provided us with a nice little  story to tell…

So, last night, Sam lost his first tooth.

I was working downstairs when Pete called me up and asked if I had noticed that Sam lost a tooth.  Well, I thought, he seemed to have them all when he was eating dinner.  I had him open his mouth and show me the hole, which was still a little bloody (ick!), so we knew it had to have just happened.  As we were taking it all in, not quite sure to be excited and happy for him making progress and actually growing … or a bit melancholy because he’s my last kid
and we’ll never see this stage go by again, Sam started jumping off his little stool.  Big, exaggerated jumps, where he
stomped on the landing and got his whole little body into it.

A bit puzzled, I asked him what he was doing.

His response – “it has to come back up.” And he opened his mouth wide and jumped again.

Ok … so Sam ATE his first tooth last night.

Trying not to laugh, I told him it was in his tummy and it was gone now.  At which point he turned his head upside down and started shaking it.

The explanation for that one?

“Need the new one to come out and fill in the hole.”

Couldn’t stop the laughing.

It was truly quite funny … but the more I thought about it, the more this little comedic episode really drove home how far Sam has come in the last couple of years.

He answered “why” questions.

Appropriately (even if quite silly).

His actions that preceded the “why” questions from us were logical – in a typical six-year old way. No, he wasn’t going to bounce a tooth out of his belly by jumping, nor shake a new one into place by thrashing his head upside down … but the concept of cause and effect was there.

He looked us in the eyes and spoke in full sentences.

And, the next day, he remembered the exchanges and told other people about losing his tooth.

Dang.  Even a year ago, we wouldn’t have had any of that interaction, cognition, recall, or socialization.

All from losing a tooth.

A little tiny tooth … but such a huge picture of progress.  Way to work it Sammy.

One comment on “Little Things

  1. Fabulous story! I especially appreciated Sam’s recall of the event.

    You are right, by the way. You do need to get back to your blog.

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