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Hope for Sammy – 2013

It’s that time of year … time to realize how long it’s been since I’ve put any words to the computer screen … and our annual TACA campaign.  I’m going to – GOING TO – get back to blogging, but in the meantime am putting this video up for Sammy’s TACA campaign.

I’ve never been much of a fundraiser.  I know how tough times can be and how hard people work for what they have.  And I’ve always struggled with asking for precious financial resources.  But, for us, this one is different.  It will not likely be anytime soon that Sam will be selling popcorn or wrapping paper or cookie dough or any of the things that we regularly buy to support fundraising efforts for family and friends.  But he will running this marathon for a long time.  And our family will be helping and supporting other families through each day of this race – and beyond.

So – here’s what I’m asking…  View the video.  And think of Sam, our family, and the thousands upon thousands of other families that have started on the autism journey – some with much less hope and support than we’ve been blessed to have.  Then go to Sam’s fundraising page and make a donation.  In honor of our family.  In honor of Sam.  To help all those families TACA supports now.  And all those families yet to come.

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