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Where was the beginning?

If I really sit down and try to think about where the beginning was (and I have … for a very long time … giving me another excuse … “where to start?”) for us in this journey, I really can’t say it began with Sam.  In retrospect, of course, with the benefit of the research […]

Excuses …

I’ve been struggling the last few weeks over things I wanted to write about… admittedly, the whole blog-about-my-life experience is new to me.  I keep finding that I have about 1000 things going through my head at once – and there’s so many little things I could pick up on and share here.  But I […]

Who Gets Two??

It’s the season of birthday celebrations in the Elliott household.  We’ve moved from Sammy’s big day (which, we’ve now decided, will include a cake each year saying Happy Birthday to Jason) to Zach’s.  Today is actually the in-between day of Zach’s two birthdays.Huh?  Yep – he’s got two.  Not really, of course, but we’ll never […]