A Constant Reminder

About a year ago I bought this bracelet at the Autism One conference. A friend had a similar bracelet that had caught my eye.  I know there are some people that really don’t like the autism puzzle piece symbol, but I really do – for me it’s a subtle reminder of the unique makeup of our little guy and how […]

Happy ? Anniversary

Last week we passed a milestone.  An anniversary.  One more day. And a few more steps. We’re now on Day 372. We’ve taken 8912 steps.  And we’ve still barely started this marathon journey.  It’s now been just over one year ago that we were given the official diagnosis of what we already knew was autism for Sammy.  Not […]

Paying it Forward

It’s early afternoon and I’m cruising comfortably 37,000 feet somewhere over California on my way home to Indianapolis.  For those of you that know me well, “cruising comfortably” in any plane is not typical for me – I hate  flying. Hate. It.  It downright terrifies me.  I can’t tell you how many choruses of “Jesus Loves Me” have gone […]

No Fear

We try really hard to make it to church each Sunday as a family.  Often when we get there, we end up in various places and doing different things – I sing, Pete greets or teaches Sunday school, Sam and Zach go off to their classes.  So much like the rest of our lives, we can be pulled in […]

Where Did We Begin?

I’ve had a lot of people ask me over the last year “how did you know?”  How did we know that something was not quite “right” with Sam.  The absolute truth is that we knew for a very long time, but took a decidedly ostrich approach and buried our heads in the sand, so to speak, […]

Happy New Year!

So, it’s 5:00 on New Year’s Eve.  The last hours of the last day of 2011.  And I just can’t figure out where the year has gone.  There have certainly been points throughout the year that I really felt like 2011 was the absolute longest ever.  GI issues, medical tests, therapies, supplements … it often […]

Next Up … Allergies, EE, and Mom of the Year

I have had more than one person comment of late about my lack of presence in the blogging world recently.  (Thanks for noticing, by the way!  It’s sort of nice and more than a bit humbling to actually be told you’re missed!).  It’s not been for lack of thought streaming through my head at all […]

Where was the beginning?

If I really sit down and try to think about where the beginning was (and I have … for a very long time … giving me another excuse … “where to start?”) for us in this journey, I really can’t say it began with Sam.  In retrospect, of course, with the benefit of the research […]

Excuses …

I’ve been struggling the last few weeks over things I wanted to write about… admittedly, the whole blog-about-my-life experience is new to me.  I keep finding that I have about 1000 things going through my head at once – and there’s so many little things I could pick up on and share here.  But I […]

Who Gets Two??

It’s the season of birthday celebrations in the Elliott household.  We’ve moved from Sammy’s big day (which, we’ve now decided, will include a cake each year saying Happy Birthday to Jason) to Zach’s.  Today is actually the in-between day of Zach’s two birthdays.Huh?  Yep – he’s got two.  Not really, of course, but we’ll never […]