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Not Born With It

Today is one of those days where I find I have far more going through my head than I can possibly articulate in words.  I spent most of the night pouring through news stories and press releases about yesterday’s announcement from the CDC about the current incidence of autism in our country.  I read the details about how the CDC came to the new 1 in 88 number – 1 in 54 for boys.  I was angered all over again to realize that the new statistic does not even account for my 5 year old little angel or anyone under the age of 8 in 2008.  I cried with my friends hearing the “better diagnosis” and “overdiagnosis” claims.  Again.  I read the continued claims of organizations such as Autism Speaks touting the “it’s all about genetics” mantra.  All excuses – proven wrong time and again – to hide from the real reasons.

So, last night I had a friend ask me to post the picture Sam as visual evidence that he was NOT born with autism.  I found pictures that so very clearly show the change in him.

This is Sam before autism.

This is Sam after autism.

My child was not born with it.

I have a whole lot more to say, and more posts will follow – but, for tonight, my heart just hurts.  For Sammy and all the children like him I’ve come to know … and for all those we know will follow.

One comment on “Not Born With It

  1. It is heartbreaking. I’m going to do this too. Although I got rid of a lot of “bad” pictures at one point because they didn’t look like Liam to me…

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