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Rock Star

Sammy is a rock star.

This we already know.  He’s fighting a battle that we can’t even comprehend.  Each and every day he fights.  With a smile.  With laughter.  With temper tantrums and meltdowns, too.  But he keeps going, and we do, too.

You can even ask him.

He has a little routine, usually with his dad, but sometimes I can pull it off, too.  We say “Sam Elliott” (with a little emphasis on the first syllable of Elliott), and he responds with “rockin’ the universe.”  He’s pretty dang cute.

And a rock star.

But he’s on his way to being a little tv star, now, too.

A few weeks ago we learned that the school he attends, the Applied Behavior Center for Autism, was going to film a commercial to air in April and Sam was to be part of the filming.  He was excited about the cameras and talked about it for days.

In the spot, he is with one of his little buddies in the “make friends” section (he’s the little guy in blue).  And he has.  He’s made great strides – and works every day to make more.

Rock star.  TV star.  My star.  Every day.

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