I generally try pretty hard to find the positive take on  things I’m writing about.  I could sooooo easily get caught up in all of the things in the world that make me sad or angry or frustrated … I think I could probably write a lot more – and more often – about those things.  I was just having a discussion today with a friend that kindly (or foolishly) asked me my opinion on a hot topic and I think I said at least twice that I needed to get off my soapbox and stop talking about it … and kept right on going.  Maybe it was three times.  Or four.

Anyway, I eventually did move on and thought I was done with my soapbox(es) for the day.

I was wrong.

Part of why I started writing this blog was to help me think about the positive things we see with Sam – the baby steps of progress that give us hope, the smiles and words that just melt my heart, the reminders of what it is we’re fighting for – and why we won’t give up.  And although I try – for my own sanity – to focus on those things more when I’m thinking about something I want to write, I realized today (if it hadn’t been clear to be before) that I just can’t always
keep to the upbeat.  Because sometimes the enraging things out there weigh too heavy on my mind.

Tonight, a news story just pushed me over the edge.  Or, well, back up on a soapbox.

The headline that caught my eye was “Advocates, Big Pharma Make Push for Autism Drugs.”

My first thought was that this can’t be real.  But sure enough, it is real.  $38.7 million dollars worth of real.  And it’s being spearheaded by Autism Speaks (which calls itself the “world’s leading autism science and advocacy organization” in its press release yesterday about the project) and not one, not two, not three, four, or five, but at least SIX major pharmaceutical companies including ones that have made untold billions on vaccines and the single company holding the patent on Thimerosal.  And they plan to establish a “research network that can then move on to testing the investigational treatments in humans.”

The AS press release quotes Robert Ring, its VP of Translational Research, stating “The lack of effective pharmacological treatments for ASD has a profound effect of patients’ lives.  We are excited that with this unique collaboration we may see a real shift in future treatment for this devastating disorder.”

Pardon my bluntness, but it is about time someone calls bullshit.

$38.7 million.  For more drug development.  For more human experimentation.  For more assaults on the fragile and damaged bodies of vaccine-injured children.

Why not spend just a little of that $38.7 million on real studies comparing autism rates in vaccinated vs. unvaccinated children?  How about just a little more to study the effects of multiple and combined injections?  Or a little more to study the effects of adjuvants in the immunizations on children with family histories of auto-immune disorders?

Oh wait – that’s right – those studies would not result in the next miracle drug that could add a zero to the companies’ profit lines.  Those studies might actually reveal a cause of this devastating disorder that might make the world rethink the billions made from the government-mandated vaccine schedules of today.  Those studies might actually help us prevent further escalation of this epidemic.

God forbid we study prevention when we can develop more drugs for greater profit.

So, tonight, I’m not upbeat and positive.  I’m having trouble finding the good in this one.  I’m disappointed that the “world’s leading autism science and advocacy organization” is not, in my opinion, advancing science or advocating for our children with this new-found partnership.

Borrowing a line from a comment posted on the story I read – you cannot cure a thing with the same thing that caused it.

But apparently they’re about to try.

2 comments on “Overdose

  1. Since my son was diagnosed with autism and I’ve been faced with the issue of where to trust research, one thing I’ve figured out is that Autism Speaks is like any other giant corporation disguised as a non-profit. They will NEVER, EVER cure or prevent anything. There’s no money in it. No jobs. No fancy stuff. The masses are so fooled.

  2. Blaze – you are so right.  And it truly makes me sad to think of all the good that COULD be done…~K~

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