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Change is Good

I’ve learned to be a real fan of change.  Change in behavior, that it.  Sam’s, in particular.  Change means something is happening.  Could be something good, could be something bad – but in this marathon, something, which is the opposite of nothing, means progress.  And the something that’s happening doesn’t necessarily correlate with the change in behavior.  By that, I mean that “bad” behavior changes doesn’t mean that the underlying changes going on in Sam’s body are necessarily bad.

A few weeks ago we began a new supplement with Sam – a topical glutathione.  He got used to having it applied (twice a day) pretty quickly.

He now refers to it as his “skins.” He even helps us remember it when we forget … still very much a routine-oriented guy.

So, a week or so into the new treatment, we started noticing a pretty substantial change in his behavior.  Although always a pretty active little guy (at least since we’ve gotten the worst of his GI problems under control), the increase in that activity has been completely over the top.  We actually had one night of watching him run circles around the kitchen – literally – a complete circle around the island and table, covering nearly all the open space that little room has – 16 times before I physically picked him up and took him up to a bath … where he found a way to get more of the water out of the tub than what was in it.

We weren’t sure where all the hyperness was taking us – and weren’t sure we were going to be able to keep up.  Knowing that the only thing we’d changed was adding the glutathione, we started to wonder if we were going to need to stop it to curtail the behavior.

And then we started noticing … Sam’s conversing was getting a little more complex … he was telling us more details – often spontaneously – about his day and the activities he was doing with his friends … we moved from Curious George to Little Einsteins (I was starting to hate that monkey) – and he actually began applying some of the concepts from the show to other things in his environment.  Appropriately.

It was such a “wow” moment for us when we realized the changes were actually really good – despite the negative behavior we’d seen surface.  Tonight we even got his first attempts at bathroom humor – comparing his underwear (which we didn’t realize until later had ended up in the tub full of bathwater) to everything from a shirt to a big blue elephant.  Not ever something I imagined being excited to hear, mind you, but he was trying to be funny – and cracked himself up.  Us, too.

It was a beautiful sight.

Change is good.

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