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I Still Need to Write More

Last week, Pete and I had a little disagreement.

About my blog.

In all fairness, he was trying to be supportive and encouraging.  He was, in fact, very complementary – telling me that my entries were engaging and well written.  But that I needed to write and post more often.

“Well, yeah.”  I said.  “And I just have so much time for that.”  Snarky.  While I was playing a new game on the iPad.

It was addictive.

Really addictive.

And, okay, he wasn’t – isn’t – wrong.  But the disagreement part was more about how I needed to go about not blowing that New Year’s Resolution and really writing more.  My real challenge is that I seem to get hung up on being introspective and “deep” – although an awful lot of what runs through my mind seems to fit that description, I have a hard time getting those thoughts out of my head and onto paper (well – a monitor, anyway).

Pete’s suggestion was to break things down more – quick hits, shorter stories, less introspection, more entries.

But I just don’t know if I can do it.  This blog is my escape.  My diversion.

A place where I can be deep and sappy and dreamy – and it’s all ok.  Because it’s about what I see … feel … believe.  And, most times, all those things end up taking a lot more space on paper than in my head.  But I do want – I need – to write more…

Although I am quite sure I’m not going to get away from the long and not-so-concisely-worded entries, I’m going to at least try to take Pete’s advice to heart and not always wait until I have a 1000 word thought or story to put to print.  In fact, there’s so much that we’re seeing with Sam – and his brothers – every day.  And so much I see from others that inspires me, infuriates me, or just makes me cry, that there’s a lot more I could be writing about.  So I’m going to try.

It is supposed to be cathartic, after all.  Who doesn’t need a little more catharsis, right?

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